"Insert Coin" and Play Pac-Man on Google Today!

pacman googleHave you played Pac-Man on Google today? As if the Internet wasn't a big enough time suck, today Google is doing its part to make us all really unproductive.

In celebration of Pac-Man's 30th anniversary, the Google homepage has created it's first-ever interactive doodle, where you can play this classic video game favorite for free.

To start playing, click the "Insert Coin" button (it's where the "I Feel Lucky" button usually is), then use your keyboard's cursor keys to navigate around the maze.

Here are more details on how to play Pac-Man on google from Google's Help Forum:

Hey Web Searchers,

If you've visited our homepage today, there's no doubt that you noticed our Pac Man doodle honoring the game's 30th anniversary. If you insert the virtual coin, you can begin playing this legendary game or you can wait 10 seconds and it will automatically start. If you're not a Pac Man fan or want to skip the music and lights, just enter you search query as usual and you'll be directed to our normal search results page. Other options include:

1. Closing your browser

2. Turning the volume down or off on your computer

3. Playing Pac Man all day long (or at least until you beat your co-workers) 

Happy Friday!

I'd love to tell you more, but I've got me a game to play, uh, work to do.

Have you played Pac-Man yet?

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