Weiner Facts: Glenn Beck Gold Fight Now Officially Absurd

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Glenn Beck and Anthony Weiner are not playing nice together lately. Not that they would. They come from different sides of the ideological table.

Beck, the conservative radio and TV host, and Weiner, a Democratic Congressman from New York, have been going head to head lately over gold. Weiner claims Beck is doing something wrong. Beck says, No I'm not.

And the latest incarnation of this catfight is the launch of Weiner Facts.com, a website that Beck launched on Wednesday to make fun of Weiner and what Beck says is a baseless attack. The website got so many clicks the day it launched that it had to shut down and reboot.

Why do I feel like I'm on the playground right now?


It all started when Weiner, a former roommate of Comedy Central's Jon Stewart BTW, launched an investigation into Beck's sponsorship of the gold retailer Gold Line. Gold Line buys and sells gold coins and collectibles, and Beck is a client. Gold Line is the main sponsor of Beck's radio show.

But Weiner claims the company -- with Beck as a tool -- is using unethical, misleading, and possibly illegal tactics to scare people into buying gold, such as talking up the supposed imminent collapse of the world's economy with Obama the main blame. In addition, Weiner says Gold Line is overcharging for the precious metal and is thus ripping people off big time.

Oh, we could dissect this to death, look a the facts, and give our opinions of who's right or wrong, but ... nah. What we likely have here is another U.S. Congressman who's spending too much time out to get a media personality for disagreeing with his views and choice for President when he should be focused on more important matters, and a talk show host who gets way more attention than he deserves who's acting like a 7-year-old.

At least you'd think Weiner Facts would be funny (my 7-year-old just cracks me up!). I don't know, I hate to be all uppity and serious and all that, but I just can't find the humor in it, and I really tried. Obviously millions do think it's funny, and are hooked. Not all the commentary is about Weiner; some is about weiners. As in hot dogs. That's part of the joke. Example:

"No, not this Weiner ...

WORCESTER, Mass. — A Massachusetts man who stole a hot dog from another man sitting under a tree in a park has been sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Antonio Judd pleaded guilty Monday in Worcester Central District Court to charges including larceny from a person.

Police say Judd grabbed the hot dog in August after flashing what appeared to be a gun in Elm Park in Worcester, New England’s second-largest city ..."

Don't go by me, read Weiner Facts to judge for yourself.

Funny or a waste of time and energy ... what do you think?

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