Canadiens Lose, But They Are Still So Sexy

montreal canadiens hockey on television
Flickr photo by meddygarnet

When I posted to my CafeMom profile page the other day that I was "Getting all Bruins crazy again," one of my mom friends IM'd me to ask, "What is Bruins?"

This was on Friday, before the awful semi-final game in which the Philadelphia Flyers beat the Boston Bruins, my fave NHL team, 4-3, elevating them into the Eastern Conference finals against the Montreal Canadiens ...

Why do I get the feeling that most of you have already tuned out?

Instead you're clicking on stories with headlines like iPad Censors Nipples and Lauren Graham and Peter Krause of "Parenthood" DO IT!


No one -- especially women -- cares about hockey, or even knows the names of many of the teams, even though it's by far the most exciting sport. It is. You won't win this argument. What other of the major four US sports has speed, skill, grace, sticks, power, fights, non-stop play? Let me say that again ... NON-stop play. And sticks.

So I really don't get it, but I'm used to it, and I'm not even going to try to convince you to give hockey a try based on the merits of the sport. Instead I'm going to give you another reason to watch the 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs:

Really hot hockey guys.

These pictures -- one hot guy from each of the four contending teams -- say it all. They're tall, muscular, dreamy, and fearless and can do amazing things with their legs. I know you'll agree with me after a good ogle. Feel free to linger as long as you need to.

Ryan O'Byrne, Montreal Canadiens

ryan obyrne
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty

Yeah, the defenseman has been arrested for stealing a woman's purse at a bar and he's pounded a few heads in his time, but I can overlook that. Just look at that pout.


6 foot 5

234 pounds

Age: 25

Status: Single








James van Riemsdyk, Philadelphia Flyers

james van riemsdyk
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty
'Kay, so he looks about 12, but just imagine him in a few years with some scars and a broken nose. Delish.


6 foot 3

200 pounds

Age: 21

Status: Single



Patrick Sharp, Chicago Blackhawks

patrick sharp
Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty

The intensity. I wish I were that puck.


6 foot 1

199 pounds

Age: 28

Status: Single, but may have a girlfriend. He's quiet about that stuff.









Thomas Greiss, San Jose Sharks

Thomas Greiss
Photo by Don Smith/Getty

You don't always get to appreciate goalies because of all those pads, so here's a real treat. Tommy posed here for the 2010 Olympics team. I'm sure he'd speak German to you if you asked him.


6 foot 1

210 pounds

Age: 24

Status: Single






Remind me again why you're not watching NHL Hockey?

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