School Bus Driver Inspires Kids to Read

school bus library
Flickr photo by basheertome
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Rosemary Peterson, a Florida school bus driver, grew so frustrated with the constant fighting and misbehaving that was taking place on her bus that she wanted to quit her job. Instead, she came up with an amazing way of controlling the chaos.


She said the answer came to her after praying, "Lord what am I going to do? I can't take this anymore -- I need help!" She says God told her, "If a person cannot read, they cannot understand. If they cannot understand, they cannot comprehend so therefore they can't learn."

Peterson says it was the answer she needed to reach the kids. She told all her elementary student riders, "Tomorrow I want everybody on this bus to bring a book, you're going to read." The next day all her passengers showed up holding books.

Every day, the kids read on the bus, and a month later, Peterson contacted the principal to tell him he had to hand out some awards.

Now her bus is as quiet as a library, with students studying the books they'll write book reports about in order to win prizes from their beloved driver, known to them as "Miss Kookyi."


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