Missing Money Could Be Yours

Money grab the $33 billion in unclaimed cash
Flickr photo by Steve Wampler
Missing money?

There's roughly $33 billion in unclaimed money roaming around state treasuries, according to CBS News.

Yes, you heard that right. Thirty-three. Billion. Dollars.

That's a lot of green.


The money is from a variety of sources -- old checking or savings accounts, checks that were never cashed or were lost in the mail, and a variety of other sources.

What people don't know is that this money can also be claimed. As in, now. Go get your money.

There are several websites that can help people who are looking. Sadly, I'm out of luck (as are my husband, my deceased mother, my father, and several people I don't particularly like but whom I Google anyway), but maybe you'll have more luck.

Just remember:

  • Search under maiden names.
  • Search for deceased relatives.
  • Search all the states in which youve ever lived.
  • Don't forget the little people when you strike pay dirt.

Now, go forth and prosper.

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