"YouCut" Program Frustrating as Hell

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Eric Cantor, that nice-looking young Republican Congressman from Virginia with a full head of hair and stylish glasses, unveiled an interesting new website recently called YouCut.

The site features a list of five wasteful government projects and initiatives, and asks taxpayers to vote on which one they feel is the most outrageous. At the end of the week, after all votes are tallied, Cantor will put the winning initiative before the Congressional chopping block.

I went to his site this morning to cast my vote, and I must say, I was quite annoyed by the whole thing.


Because I want to vote for ALL of them.

Cantor, appearing on Fox News' On the Record With Greta, explained that the program was produced by the Economic Recovering Working Group in the House, "a group of Republicans who really intend on trying to change the culture in Washington."

"You know, not only have we've seen just rampant pork barrel spending, but the whole process itself is bent towards spending money," Cantor said. "And so what this program is, is an ability for people across the country to make their voices heard, to vote on what they think should be cut from the federal budget."

I'll say it again ... why do we have all five in the first place? Let's ax every single one 'em.

Here were this morning's YouCut choices:

  • Presidential Election Fund -- $260 million in savings
  • Taxpayer Subsidized Union Activities -- $600 million in savings
  • New Non-Reformed Welfare Program -- $2.5 billion in savings
  • HUD Doctoral Program for Dissertations -- $1 million in savings
  • Eliminate Wealthier Communities From Development Grants -- $2.6 billion

There are two ways to approach your decision-making -- the price tag and the total ludicrousness factor. I don't know which boils my blood more.

Take the HUD Doctoral Program. Can you believe that taxpayers struggling to afford to send their own kids to college are actually forced to pay stipends to random people who want to write their dissertation on certain government-preferred policies?

But that's only $1 million (only -- can't believe I'm actually putting it like that).

As much as I dislike many unions and being forced to help presidential candidates who I don't like win elections, I'd have to narrow it down to the big-ticket items -- the development grants and the welfare business.

In the end, welfare gets my vote for the most outrageous example of government waste because of the cost and also the philosophy behind it. According to the YouCut site, the program was created in 2009 as a backdoor way to undo all the cost-saving welfare reforms of the 1990s, and it actually incentivizes states to add to their welfare caseloads without requiring those who are able to to go back to work.

Few things irk me more than lazy people looking for a free ride on my money.


I'll be eager to see if other taxpayers agree with me, whether Cantor actually brings it to the floor, and if all the angst he's putting me through really makes a difference.

Which one will you vote for?

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