Beau Biden Hospitalized After Stroke

beau biden stroke
Photo by John Moore/Getty
Beau Biden, the 41-year-old son of Vice President Biden, suffered a mild stroke today, the White House announced.

Biden, an Army Captain who served in Iraq, is the eldest son of the Vice President, and the bond between the two men was evident at the 2008 Democratic Convention. "Beau, I love you," Joe Biden beamed. "I'm so proud of you. I'm so proud of the son you've become; I'm so proud of the father you are."

Beau Biden passed up the opportunity fill his dad's Senate seat when Joe Biden headed to the White House. Instead, he chose to keep his job as Delaware's attorney general.


When Beau was just a toddler, he was in a car crash that claimed the lives of his mother and sister. He and his brother were seriously injured and hospitalized for weeks. Joe Biden remained at their side, where he was sworn in to the US Senate.

Today, Joe Biden again found himself at his son's bedside, worried about his health. This time in a Delaware hospital.

According to a statement from Dr. Timothy Gardner, medical director of the Center for Heart and Vascular Surgery at Christina Care Health System: "Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden was admitted this morning to Christiana Hospital in Newark, Delaware, after having what we believe to be a mild stroke. He is in good spirits and talking with his family at the hospital. He is fully alert, in stable condition, and has full motor and speech skills. We expect him to make a complete recovery."

The news continues to be good: According to the White House, Attorney General Biden is in stable condition and alert with full motor and speech skills.

He's being transferred this afternoon to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia for further observation and examination.


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