Elena Kagan's Personal Life Mystery

Elena Kagan speaking at Harvard
Flickr photo by Harvard Law Record

The big political news of the morning is President Obama's nomination just minutes ago of Elena Kagan, the government's solicitor general, to fill an upcoming vacancy on the US Supreme Court. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is retiring.

If appointed, Kagan will become the youngest member on the bench (she's 50) as well as one of only three women. Rumors of her being Obama's top pick have been circulating for a while.

Now that it's official, everyone is looking for the details on Kagan's personal life. Details like: Who's she married to? How many kids does she have? Who does she hang out with? How does she vote on hot-button issues? Wait, why doesn't she have kids? Hey, why isn't she married?

I myself am looking. And I'm not finding. There's a reason ...


She's apparently a very private person. She's never been married, nor does she have any kids, which makes it even more difficult to get the goods on her because you know how ex-husbands and kids, especially disgruntled teens, like to talk.

It's rumored she's a lesbian. One story in the blogosphere this morning is even daring to run the headline: "Obama to Nominate Kagan: First Lesbian on the Court?" Still, no confirmation on this. If she really is gay, she isn't saying.

Kagan also hasn't come the traditional Supreme Court Justice route. She's the former dean at Harvard Law School, not an in-the-trenches judge who served in the judiciary, so no one has a clue how she feels about abortion and the other biggies. That doesn't seem to bother Obama, who probably knows full well how she votes.

"Elena is widely regarded as one of the nation's foremost legal minds," said Obama, via Yahoo News!. "She's a trail-blazing leader."

As solicitor general, she works as the US government's legal representative to the Supreme Court and argues in the government's favor any time a relevant issue comes up.

This lack of transparency could be a good thing or a bad thing. I'm sure all the political analysts will be telling us why ad nauseam in the coming days and weeks ...

What do you think of Obama's pick for Supreme Court Justice? Does it frustrate you that she doesn't have a more public record of her leaning on the issues?

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