New York City's RFK Bridge Open After Bomb Scare

Flickr photo by rogerimp
The second bomb scare in less than a week closed New York City's RFK Bridge (still known by many by its former name, the Triborough Bridge) last night.

Just days after naturalized citizen Faisal Shahzad was arrested on suspicion of parking a car in Times Square filled with explosives, a U-Haul truck left near the toll plaza to the bridge sparked similar concerns.


According to CBS News, witnesses reported watching a man flee the truck and the scent of gasoline hung heavily in the air -- increasing the fears that the truck might be set to explode.

But today's reports have deemed the truck was never a threat -- it was x-rayed and found to be empty, and the bridge traffic resumed around midnight.

Under heavy scrutiny as the world once again focuses on its city, the NYPD's response to the incident has been getting mixed reviews.

While they've announced the truck has been removed for further investigation, conspiracy theorists are criticizing the announcement that the truck was no threat, citing the suspicious nature of the truck's abandonment ... the very thing that led police to the site to begin with.

The U-Haul incident is being termed by some as a dry run -- similar to what Shahzad admits to have done in the days before leaving a Nissan Pathfinder filled with explosives in Times Square.

Meanwhile Shahzad has been forthcoming about his time in Pakistan, reportedly telling the authorities that he witnessed US drone attacks while in his native country. Those drone attacks are why the Pakistani Taliban supposedly set the bomb in Times Square -- and why the US should remain on alert.

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