Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and Nancy Pelosi: Moms Who Have "Made It"

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Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty
Is it easier or harder for working moms to get to the top?

  • Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are both attractive, they both like Tea Parties, and they're both moms -- to five kids. Guess what other political powerhouse has five kids? Nancy Pelosi. According to Liesl Schillinger, that makes these three women part of the "most exclusive clique in American politics." That may well be, but I don't think they'll be having tea together anytime soon. Schillinger poses the question: "Do the skills of managing sprawling households translate well into holding office?" She even suggests that women with political aspirations should think about producing a few more babies. And all this time I've been concerned about a Palin presidency. It's President Octomom I should be worried about.  -- The New York Times
  • Obama has yet to fill Justice John Paul Stevens' Supreme Court seat, but one blogger, Peter Beinart, thinks that the President should specifically appoint a mom like Diane Wood (a federal judge) to the court. Beinart is concerned that women with children are "surprisingly underrepresented in high office." He thinks the message is that women can't have both a career and kids, and that's not the message he wants his 2-year-old daughter to get. While his heart may be in the right place, Beinart just doesn't understand the plight of the working mom, and he's been sent a few messages himself: My favorite is from Broadsheet (a must-read), who points out that the problem isn't a lack of role models, but a lack of support for working mothers. -- The Daily Beast
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