Dominique Dawes Wins Bronze Medal ... 10 Years Later

Dominque Dawes
Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty
China's gymnastic team has been stripped of the bronze medal after the International Olympic Committee found that Chinese gymnast Dong Fangxiao was only 14 years old when competing in the 2000 Olympics.

Ten years later, Dominique Dawes and the USA women's Olympic team will step in and be rightfully awarded the bronze medal after going home from Sydney empty-handed.


Although the minimum age for gymnasts used to be 14 to compete in the Olympics, it was changed to 16 years of age in 1997. The IOC found China falsified Dong Fangxiao's age and was therefore disqualified.

That's quite a way to win a medal and a bit disappointing that Dawes and the rest of the team didn't have their moment at the podium. But as Dawes expressed after today's events, "Justice prevailed."

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