Arizona Faces Backlash to Immigration Law

Flickr photo by dannysullivan
Arizona's passage of the nation's strictest immigration law in the country is causing the state's lawmakers some major economic headaches.

From demands for Major League Baseball to pull the 2011 All-Star game out of Phoenix to the city of San Francisco banning all official travel to any spot in Arizona, the Grand Canyon State is fast becoming persona non grata on the national economic scale.

All this over what some are calling the "show me your papers bill," a law that will enable police to stop anyone they suspect to be an illegal immigrant and arrest them if they can't immediately provide documentation that proves they're in the country legally.


The law has garnered criticism from both sides of the aisle, with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham announcing yesterday he expects it'll be thrown out on constitutional grounds and President Barack Obama warning it'll lead to racial profiling.

It's even splitting political families -- with Arizona Senator John McCain coming out in favor of the bill and his vocal daughter Meghan voicing her discontent.

The backlash has become so popular it's reached Internet meme status, with spoofs claiming Google had added an "Avoid Arizona" tool to the "get directions" mode on Google Maps.

But the real power is in the pocketbook, and with cities like Los Angeles considering severing ties with Arizona-based businesses until the law is rescinded and a Mexican boycott on the state as a whole, the pressure to change this law could build fast within the state's business community.

But the headaches haven't quashed the law ... yet -- and one Texas lawmaker says she's going to introduce the same sort of legislation in her state.

Do you see Arizona lawmakers giving in without a court battle?

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