President Obama: A Closet Yankees Fan?

Flickr photo by The White House
President Barack Obama betrayed his Chicago White Sox this week.

The Chi-town boy let the New York Yankees into the White House this week and admitted he's rather fond of the Bombers' closer Mariano Rivera.

"For the millions of Yankee fans in New York and around the world who bleed blue, nothing beats that Yankee tradition," Obama said in a press conference with the Yanks yesterday.



He admitted they're "the best team in baseball" and paid tribute to Mark Teixeira, Jorge Posada, and Derek Jeter like they were gods among men (yes, I bleed blue, and I'll say it: they're not?).

So is he trading in his black pinstripes for the Bronx blue?

Haters of the "Evil Empire," fear not. The strains of "New York, New York" won't be ringing out of the Oval Office anytime soon.

The Yankees were in Washington to celebrate their 2009 World Series win, where they got some gentle ribbing from the President and a reminder that "my White Sox" would come close to a series win every year if they could just borrow Rivera.

But while they got a tour of the historic digs, they didn't get a look-see at the inner sanctum of the Oval Office. And while he held up a brand-new number 27 pinstriped jersey in honor of the number of World Series wins the Bombers now have under their belt, chances are pretty good that one's going into the closet.

Of course, he could always send it to my house; I wouldn't say no.

Were you surprised to see the President and the Yanks this morning?

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