Nokia N8 Launch Is Announced; Finance Debate Stalls: Today's Headlines

Flickr photo by MJTR
Got your coffee? Here's the news.

The lost iPhone saga continues as police raided a Gizmodo blogger's house and seized computers and other equipment. -- Wired

Abby Sunderland, a 16-year-old girl from California, ends her bid to become the youngest person to sail nonstop around the world because her boat's equipment wasn't working properly. -- Fox News

Republicans block debate on the Financial Reform Bill, but Democrats seem confident they'll be able to push through sweeping new controls on financial institutions. -- The Huffington Post

The governor of Arizona says the new immigration law won't hurt the economy. -- CNN

Mexico issues a travel alert over the new Arizona law. -- Washington Post

Nokia is set to launch the first phone to run the Symbian^3 operating system later this year in the form of the Nokia N8. -- ZDNet Blog

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