Stephen Hawking: Aliens Exist!

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Stephen Hawking says aliens "may" exist, but before you start envisioning Mork and Mindy moving in next door, he doesn't want us actually checking up on his theories.

The British astrophysicist best known for his bestselling book The Brief History of Time (which some purchasers have actually even read all the way through) says it's "too risky" to actually phone ET's home.


Well, that's one way to make sure you're never proven wrong.

The wheelchair-bound Hawking speaks in a new Discovery Channel special, Stephen Hawking's Universe: Aliens, in which he espouses his theories about the nomadic life of extraterrestrial life, much of which is small -- as small as microbes -- but some of which may be looking to conquer and colonize other parts of the universe.

Cue the episode of V.

Hawking actually joins two-thirds of Americans who think alien life is possible, but we'll have to wait on the Discovery Channel. According to USA Today, the show airs in Britian this weekend.

Are you team alien?

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