Mark Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to Take Over Your Life

Photo from Facebook
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has a baby face, but could it be hiding an evil cartoon villain a la the brilliant Brain foil to Pinky's stupidity?

Gee Mark, what do you want to do tonight?

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky -- try to take over the world!"


At just 25, chances are good he watched the Animaniacs spin-off, so why not? It's exactly what he's trying to do.


Not satisfied with more than 300 million users (a statistic from September), Zuckerberg announced this week that Facebook is going to make any site on the web more social.

In a post on the Facebook blog, Zuckerberg said, "We are making it so all websites can work together to build a more comprehensive map of connections and create better, more social experiences for everyone. We have redesigned Facebook Platform to offer a simple set of tools that sites around the web can use to personalize experiences and build out the graph of connections people are making."

In other words, forget the little blue Fs you see on every web page already. Now every page will be a mini Facebook, with its own giant "like" button (look to your right to "like" The Stir) and a social media bar across the base of the site.

What's more, fanning brands and groups is over. If you hadn't noticed (what, you don't live on Facebook?), as of this week you can only "like" the new community pages you traditionally became a fan of along with "liking" entire concepts.

As CNet points out, Facebook is being wiki-ized with new community pages devoted not to people or bands, but to hobbies like cooking, with encyclopedia entries and the ability to add your own thoughts on the wall (a la being a community editor on Wikipedia).

The average Facebook user already spends seven hours a month on the site, many devoting more time now that it's been integrated into the work atmosphere -- when it's your job to post on Facebook, the boss can't get mad. What's more, it's socially acceptable for older adults to be on Facebook (hi Mom!), a vast change from the oh-so-2005 MySpace movement.

Will the next stop on their world domination tour be your every waking moment?

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