Gray Powell: Apple Employee Leaked iPhone 4G

Flickr photo by misskaren
The new iPhone fell into Gizmodo's hands all because Gray Powell went out for some brewskis at a bar. He tweeted, he texted, he drank, then he moved on without his phone.

When does forgetting your cell phone at a bar become the biggest bonehead move of the month?

When you're an Apple employee testing out the hot new iPhone 4G.

And now, Gray Powell, you're both a geek's dream and Apple's worst nightmare.


Powell's phone, disguised as the widely available iPhone 3G, was found at a bar in Redwood City, California, the Gourmet Haus Staudt, last month.

By this week, it had landed in the hands of techie blog Gizmodo, which shattered Apple's notorious protective nature about its product testing with a thorough review.

Then came what some would say was the bigger news -- where it came from. Powell's been attempting to shroud himself from the international public eye, including making private a Flickr page Gizmodo and others have used to pull photos from.

Gizmodo has publicly asked Apple not to fire their beer-loving absentminded employee, but the blog may be in an equal amount of trouble.

Nick Denton, head of parent company Gawker Media, admitted to the AP that the company paid $5,000 to the person who picked up the iPhone 4G at the bar -- with full knowledge that it wasn't a product on the market. Which could be interpreted by prosecutors as being in receipt of stolen goods -- and they haven't made an attempt to hide that fact.

Gray Powell may be in trouble, but he can still claim an honest mistake was made. Will the media frenzy -- and possible misdeeds -- save him?

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