Tea Party Express Names Its Friends and Foes

tea party rally
Flickr photo by Street Protest TV
Leaders of the Tea Party Express celebrated their successes at Tea Party rallies today, and unveiled a list of some of their "heroes" and "targets" for the upcoming midterm elections.


Here's who the Tea Party Express endorses:

1. Sharon Angle, a former member of the Nevada Assembly

2. California State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore

3. Former Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio -- he's facing off against Governor Charlie Crist

4. Pat Toomey who will take on Senator Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania

5. Rand Paul (Ron Paul's son), who is running for a seat in the Kentucky Senate

6. Todd Tiahrt, a congressman running for the Senate in Kansas

7. Walt Minnick, an Idaho Democrat, running for a seat in the House of Representatives

8. Representative. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee

9. Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina

10. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota

11. Representative Mike Pence of Indiana

12. Representative Tom Price of Georgia

13. Representative Tom McClintock of California


Here's who the Tea Party Express hopes to oust:

1. Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas

2. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

3. California Senator Barbara Boxer

4. Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania

5. Representative Betsey Markey of Colorado

6. Representative Alan Grayson of Florida

7. Representative Baron Hill of Indiana

8. Barney Frank of Massachusetts

9. Dina Titus of Nevada

10. John Spratt of South Carolina

11. Tom Perriello of Virginia

12. Gerry Connolly of Virginia

13. Alan Mollohan of West Virginia

Mark Williams, the leader of the Tea Party Express, said the group is not partisan. "Please don't tell me I'm a Republican tool," he told CNN. Oh, now that's a set-up for a good joke.

Is there anyone else you'd like to see on these lists? Who's on your Coffee Party list?




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