Tax Day Tea Parties: Attending or Crashing?

Flickr photo by Fibonacci Blue
Thursday isn't just Tax Day in America; it's the day the Tea Party movement will. . . do something.

I keep hearing about the Tax Day Tea Party, so I checked out their official Website. Which tells you what happened in 2009 -- "Millions of Americans stood in streets protesting a lack of representation."

But what about 2010? After the embarrassing outing of the "teabaggers," have they picked up their marbles and run home?


Unfortunately, no sirree Bob.

Some 21 groups are joining forces to create the National Federation Tea Party, and individual activist groups from New York City to Louisiana will be rallying the troops on Thursday. And then there are the tax week parties, like Sarah Palin's visit to Boston on Wednesday.

The official Tax Day Tea Party this year isn't a march on tax day but a galvanizing motto for the cause -- and their plans to unseat Public Enemy No. 1 (in their eyes) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his brethren.

Of last year's event, the folks at Liberty First -- the political action committee behind the "party" -- said ,"we were ignored, however, and we now believe we can only achieve our goals through electoral activism and the defeat of incumbents in Washington."

Of course there's another side to every story, and while the party's on the schedule, you don't have to RSVP. You can just crash it.

The Crash the Tea Party movement is gaining its own momentum, describing themselves as a group of "Democrats, Republicans and Independents who are all sick and tired of that loose affiliation of racists, homophobes and morons who constitute the fake grassroots movement which calls itself the tea party."

So what will you be doing on Tax Day -- partying or crashing?

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