Woman Meets Blood Donors Who Saved Her Life

blood donor
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Alta Ray, 56, a teacher and mom to four kids, just won her battle against a rare form of leukemia -- thanks, in part, to 17 blood donors who went through a difficult process to help her live, through 93 blood transfusions in the course of a year.

Typically, confidentiality laws keep people from finding out who their blood donors are, but with a little magic on the part of UCLA Medical Center, Ray got to meet 11 of her blood donors at a luncheon and thank them in person.


These weren't any ordinary blood donors. These 17 people donated blood platelets, and doing so is a long, exhausting process.

Of the 11 donors that Ray met, only one was a woman, whom Ray dubbed The Queen. "It’s all men!” she exclaimed. "Men don’t usually do stuff like this."

David Mark, one of the donors, told of how he lost his wife to cancer over 10 years ago and decided to help others -- even though it meant reliving painful memories when he had to donate at the hospital where his wife died.

"I get a feeling I’m giving a part of me," Marks told the Los Angele Times. “The best part.”

Ray said she a new appreciation for the sacrifices people go through when they donate blood.

“Had it not been for the gift you gave of yourselves, I wouldn’t be standing here today,” she told her donors. “Without you, I'd be on my next life cycle. I'm not through with this one!”

Are you a blood donor?

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