Tiki Barber: Cheating on Pregnant Wife With an Intern?

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If Tiki Barber is your favorite of the talented football-playing twins, prepare to switch allegiances.

Rumor has it the reason the former football star and now sports broadcaster has split from his wife is to pursue an affair with Traci Lynn Johnson, an NBC intern.

Did we mention Tiki's wife, Ginny Barber, is eight months pregnant?


And the alleged mistress is 23?

The former New York Giants running back has been married to Ginny for 11 years, according to ABC, and the separation has been confirmed. The affair is still just rumor.

But the confirmation in the NY Post states the Barbers have been separated for several months --  apparently not long enough to have split up pre-bun in oven.

Let's break it down for you -- she's got nine months of carrying a bowling ball on the front of her body, throwing up, hemorrhoids, and then labor and delivery. And that's 50 percent your fault.

Did somebody forget what it means to make a baby?

People fall in and out of love, but part of pregnancy is making a commitment that you're planning to be around at least for nine months, at least to help see this baby into this world.

What's more troubling -- that Tiki may be cheating or that he's leaving his pregnant wife?

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