Autism Goes to the Movies

Photo by Taliaris
It's a story about a movie screening of How to Train Your Dragon; so why did it make me weepy?

Throw in the word autism.

You might want to pull out your tissues, folks.


According to a piece in TIME, the kids watching the newest kiddie flick in 93 theaters around the country this weekend won't have to sit quietly and try to act "normal."

They're letting them be themselves in special sensory-friendly screenings. They can talk to the screen. They can bring in snacks that suit their dietary needs.

They can do exactly what other kids do -- watch a hot movie -- without those stares from strangers.

Crying yet?

According to the Autism Society of America, this is becoming a regular thing thanks to a partnership with AMC Theaters. You can check out their site to find a theater or get on the mailing list to be notified when the next sensory-friendly screening is available.

Have you tried one of these screenings?

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