Craig Robinson: Thought Michelle Obama Would Eat Barack Alive

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Michelle Obama gets her props for being a strong woman -- and a strong role model. But how does the word maneater fit our First Lady?

Mrs. O's brother, college hoops coach Craig Robinson, has a new book out, A Game of Character, and he reveals their parents thought Michelle would "eat [Barack Obama] alive."

Oh big brothers, if they're good for anything it's embarrassing their sisters.


Robinson's book is set to hit bookshelves on April 20 -- good timing for a college basketball coach to hit the book promotion trail in the wake of March madness.

But according to the LA Times, the embarrassing bit of big brotherly ribbing is the deepest the first lady's elder brother delves into juice on the life of his famous brother-in-law.

Says the Times, "readers hungering for more about Barack and Michelle Obama may be a bit disappointed."

Instead Robinson focuses on his own life -- in addition to coaching at Oregon State he's been a bonds trader, played basketball himself at Princeton and was drafted into the NBA. He's had a rocky time, including a divorce and remarriage.

All of which you may find fascinating, or you may just skip because his story of how he helped Barack convince Michelle a presidential bid was the way to go isn't salacious enough.

But frankly, with a the President and Mrs. Obama to spend at least another three years in the public eye, I'm relieved to hear a bit of decorum on the part of a White House sibling.

We don't need a Roger Clinton or Billy Carter bouncing around while we're debating health care, dealing with Israel and other equally pressing issues.

Will you be picking this book up for some Obama news?

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