Cops Use Stun Gun on 10-Year-Old

stun gun
Flickr photo by purpleslog
Police officers in Martinsville, Indiana, used a stun gun on an unruly 10-year-old boy at a home day care center.

One office slapped the 94-pound boy across the face; the other used a handheld stun gun to shock the child on the other arm. The officers say the boy was "out of control" and refused to listen to them; he was kicking and hitting.

The boy cried, "but is now fine," according to police.


Seems like the cops were a little "out of control" themselves. What kind of lesson did they teach this boy and all the other kids in the day care?

The police chief says he believes the two officers could have avoided using the stun gun; the officers have been placed on administrative supervision.

Under what circumstances, if any, do you think it's appropriate that a stun gun be used on a child?

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