Passover at the White House -- The Obamas Celebrate

Flickr photo by The White House
American relations with Israel are strained at best, but President Barack Obama is expected to raise a glass of Manischewitz tonight to celebrate Passover.


The New York Times reports the second annual White House Seder is expected to follow Jewish custom, with Malia and Sasha Obama stepping into to ask the traditional four questions that demystify some of the facts of the celebration of the Hebrews' exodus from Egypt.

I confess I bristle when I hear politicians talking religion on the campaign trail -- and the focus on Obama's background was no different.

In a country that claims separation of church and state, the notion that religion is being bandied about in the same setting as that reserved for policy talk makes it difficult to buy that separation as anything more than ceremonial. Just look at last week's last minute health care maneuvering.

But at the end of the day, the people living and working in the White House are people first. So the Christian president won't wear a yarmulke (at least he didn't last year), but in a house that's long celebrated Easter in a big showy way, it's nice to see a little all-inclusiveness.

Do you think the White House should celebrate religious holidays in a public way?

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