Obama Signs Executive Order as Promised; Get a Good Look at Mars Tonight: Today's Headlines

Flickr photo by MJTR
Got your coffee? Here's the news.

The largest religious gathering on the planet, India's Hindu pilgrimage to the Ganges, is now taking place. -- CNN

Obama signs executive order barring taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortions. Bet Bart Stupak is relieved. -- Yahoo

With just an hour to spare, the Supreme Court stops the execution of convicted killer Hank Skinner to review his appeal for DNA testing. Don't worry, Texas, you're still number one in executions. -- Los Angeles Times

Lawsuit alleges that the Vatican failed to defrock a priest after it had been warned about his alleged abuse of more than 200 deaf boys. -- New York Times

A 24-year-old French man, "Hacker Croll," is arrested after hacking into Obama's Twitter account. He also hacked into Britney Spears' account. -- Wall St. Journal

Tonight's your last chance to get good look at Mars for the next two years. -- Yahoo

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