Lotto Karma for Woman Who Gives Her Tax Refund to Haiti

Flickr: Photo by Shoshanah
It's Good News Sunday here on The Stir -- the place to come to start your week on a happy note.

Last week, Reneé Green of Seattle, Washington, was sitting on her couch watching a news story about the dire situation in Haiti. As she saw the images of struggling Haitians sweep across her screen, she looked around her condo at the fireplace, the washing machine, the kitchen faucet. The gulf was too much to ignore so Green decided to do something about it -- she donated her entire tax refund check to the Haiti relief effort.

"Granted, $700 isn't much," she told TakePart. "But it was a lot for me. It's worth it to make someone's life simpler with a bar of soap or a roll of toilet paper."

Four days later,  Reneé Green won $50,000 on a lottery scratch ticket.


She's keeping some of the money, but she's still as generous as ever: She gave each of her two children a chunk, and she's donating some to a local school. 

Green says she's always believed in karma, but she didn't buy that lotto ticket expecting payback. "What I did for Haiti was from my heart," she says. "And I'll continue to do things from my heart."

Do you think it's true that when you give, you get?

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