Obama's Fox News Interview: Did You Watch?


flickr: Photo by jurvetson

Did you see President Obama's interview with Fox News reporter Bret Baier last night?

Topics covered: health care reform, special deals, parliamentary procedures, and of course, Tiger Woods.

Here's how it went.


"Bret, let me finish."

"Bret, I'm trying to answer your questions."

"Bret, let me be clear."

"Bret, Bret, let me finish my answers here."

"I apologize for interrupting you so much, sir. I was trying to get the most for our buck."

There was lots of important information in between, but no one really cares about that. The thing about the interview that has the media buzzing? Reporter Bret Baier interrupted the President "too frequently."

Newsweek is calling it The Interrupt-a-thon, CBS says it was "contentious," and the Washington Post says Fox's Obama interview was "marked by interruptions."

I guess there are unspoken journalistic rules for conducting a Presidential interview -- reporters tend to be respectful and don't usually push for answers the way they would with someone "less important."

I'm of the mind that the president -- even one this one, whom I wholeheartedly support -- is working for us, and while he should be treated with respect, an interview is still an interview. Reporters should try to get answers to the questions they ask on behalf of the public (barring national security secrets and the like); otherwise, isn't it just a speech?

What do you think? Should a president be handled with kid gloves during an interview?

(If you missed it, you can catch the video of Obama's interview at Fox News and at the Huffington Post.)




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