Wife Refuses To Allow Husband's BFF To Name Their Baby After Him Because She Might Want To Use the Name


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There is a lot of back and forth when it comes to choosing the perfect name for a baby. When we finally land on the perfect name and it's decided, the last thing we want is other people's opinions on about the name. If we love it and if there's a partner involved who's good with the name -- that's all that should matter. But we know that other people like to interject their feelings on the issue, asked or not, and everyone has an opinion.

  • One woman feels a way about a baby name her husband's best friend is considering for his boy, and she's not happy about it.

    The anonymous woman (OP) posted to Reddit's AITA community to seek advice on a baby name issue she had with her husband's best friend. She goes into some backstory before getting to her overall question.

    "My husband's friend and his wife are pregnant and expecting a boy," she shared. "They recently told my husband that they want to name the baby after him."

    The two are close and have been friends for a long time, and they went through something traumatic together -- which is why they're looking to honor him with their baby's name.

    "When my husband and his friend where teenagers, his friend was involved in a really bad accident while they were riding dirt bikes," OP explained. "If my husband had not been there that day his friend would have died, so I get why they want to do this."

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  • So it makes sense to op why they'd want to. But she's a hard no. 

    "It is sweet, but I hate the idea," OP confessed. "My husband and I are trying to conceive, and if we have a boy, I had thought about naming him after my husband. I'm not saying that we would, but I would like for that option to at least be available to us. As much time as we spend with his friend and his friend's wife, it would be awkward to have two boys with the same name."

    She wants to flag the name so she can maybe use it.

  • OP told her husband that he will need to tell his best friend that he can't name his son after him.

    "I asked my husband to politely request that they pick another name, and he refused," she admitted. "He told me that it was strange to be so upset over this when we may never have a boy and it's unlikely we would name our son after him."

    OP then decided to tell the friends her position on the use of her husband's name anyway. "When my husband refused I reached out to the friend and his wife about it," OP said.

    "I told them that it was ultimately their choice but it bothered me and I'd ask that they use another name if they didn't mind. They were really nice about it and said they understood my point," she continued. "They may use his middle name, but they aren't going to use his first name."

  • She felt totally OK about approaching her husband's friends, but her husband wasn't pleased.

    "I don't think what I did was inappropriate, but my husband said I was acting entitled and like an a--hole," she admitted. "He thinks I should have minded my own business instead of telling his friend and his friend's wife not to name their baby after him."

    She added, "I am not sure if his criticism is valid or if he's just upset that he won't get his namesake now."

  • OP asked the community if she was in the wrong for speaking up -- and Reddit had feelings.

    "YTA," one person replied. "That would have been a huge honor for your husband, and what a special connection he could have had with this little boy. You sound oddly jealous about their new baby."

    "YTA," another person agreed. "Yeah what you did was inappropriate. They wanted to name their child after the man that saved his life. You are a colossal a--hole when you decided to approach the couple about it after your husband refused to ask them to change it. You weren't even sure about naming your child after your husband anyway."

    "YTA," a third person had a similar take. "It reeks of entitlement. "You have absolutely no consideration for this horrendous experience that has shaped your husband's and his best friend's lives. Your husband even told you that he was not okay with it! Wtf ??? It's unbelievably messed up to the highest degree!"

    "YTA You were totally out of line," replied another Reddit user. "He was being honored by his friend. It wasn't your business or your place. You went behind his back when he told you no. You've hurt your husband and his friends."