1-Year-Old Survives After Mom Accidentally Gives Him a Sippy Cup Filled With Antifreeze


Sipper cup and glasses on a kitchen counter

The worst almost came to pass for a 1-year-old boy from Pocatello, Idaho, after he was accidentally given a sippy cup full of antifreeze. A mom and her son were at a family member's house before the boy headed off for visitation with his father. It was only after the mom poured herself a glass of the toxic liquid an hour after her little boy left -- with his sippy cup -- that she realized what she'd done.

  • The mix-up happened on the afternoon of June 25.

    The 1-year-old's mother, who has not been named, took the juice container and filled her child's sippy cup, the Idaho State Journal reported. However, the mother allegedly didn't know that someone at the relative's house had been doing car repairs and filled the empty container with antifreeze.

    A previous report from police stated that the antifreeze was in an empty Mountain Dew bottle, but police clarified Friday that it was a juice container.

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  • The mom filled up her son's cup with the antifreeze -- thinking it was juice.

    Oftentimes, antifreeze is thought of as green, but according to Titan Auto & Tire, it can actually come in an array of colors. 

    "Antifreeze or coolant can be yellow, pink or red, blue, and green," the website stated. "The color of the antifreeze/coolant is really based on the formula."

    That is why the mom most likely didn't notice that something was off at first.

  • Shortly after he was given his drink, the boy and his 2-year-old brother were picked up to visit with their father.

    Around 3:30 p.m., more than an hour after her sons left with their dad, the mom poured herself a glass of what she thought was juice from the container and quickly realized it was antifreeze, according to the Idaho State Journal.

    She immediately called 911 and was taken to Portneuf Medical Center to be treated for antifreeze poisoning.

  • After failing to get her sons' father on the phone, authorities quickly started a search for the 1-year-old.

    They wanted to issue an Amber Alert for the boy, but technically his case didn't meet the criteria. Police also tried to call the boys' father but received no response. 

    Finally, around 6:30 p.m., police found the father's car along Yellowstone Avenue.

  • They made contact with the dad, who told them that he'd dumped the liquid from the cup before his son drank it.

    Just in case, both the 1-year-old and his brother were taken to Portneuf Medical Center to be examined and both brothers were determined to be fine.

    Their mother has since been released from the hospital and is back home with her sons.

    Police are withholding all of the names of the family members and told the newspaper they are relieved the incident didn't end in disaster.