Mom Who 'Rehomed' Toddler With Autism Says She Needed 'More Training' Before Adoption

Myka Stauffer holds her infant son
Myka Stauffer/Instagram

Chances are, if you didn't know the name Myka Stauffer before, you certainly know it now. The social media influencer has amassed a following of millions in the last few years -- particularly on YouTube and Instagram, where she regularly updates her fans on her daily routines, health and lifestyle tips, and the everyday antics of her five children. But in May, Myka made national headlines after announcing that she had "rehomed" her 4 1/2-year-old son, Huxley, who has autism, whom she adopted from China just three years earlier. The public backlash was swift, but Myka and her husband, James, remained relatively quiet -- until now.

  • On Wednesday, Myka posted an official statement on her Instagram account for the first time since the controversy broke.

    In it, she first apologized for the "uproar" her announcement caused and expressed deep remorse for any hurt it created within the close-knit adoption community.

    "This decision has caused so many people heartbreak and I'm sorry for letting down so many women that looked up to me as a mother," Myka wrote. "I'm sorry for the confusion and pain I have caused, and I am sorry for not being able to tell more of my story from the beginning."

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  • Of her silence, Myka hinted that there were things that went on behind closed doors with Huxley that are better left unsaid.