Neighbor Sends Scathing Note Asking Mom Not To Let Boy With Loud Laugh Play in Yard


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Has there ever been a time where parents are more desperate to get their kids outside for a little fresh air? We don't think so. In fact, if we can tear our kids away from their screens, we'll call that a major win. Just don't mention this to one irritating neighbor who wrote a letter asking a mom to only let her young son outside in the yard for 15 to 20 minutes each day because her son's laughter was "disruptive."

  • The mom posted the letter to Twitter on May 17.

    Twitter use Bobbie Hineman shared the pointed letter online, which started off strange and only got worse.

    "Dear 'Neighbor,'" the letter read.

    "You moved to the neighborhood a year ago and I wanted to give you time to correct this problem on your own, but you are apparently too inconsiderate to do so," it stated.

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  • The neighbor continued that every day that week that the weather had been nice, an apparent problem arose.

    Yes -- the mom had the audacity to allow her small child to run free in her own backyard "and laugh and giggle and carry on without end."


  • All that giggling is upsetting to their neighbor's apparently very joyless dog.

    And a certain feathered friend also is upset, as in "my bird who sits next to the window and likes to look in your yard."

    Well, if it's bothering the pet bird, then we get this completely.

  • The person then asked the mom if her son could "tone it down a bit."

    "Or at least limit his outside time to 15 to 20 minutes a day, so my dogs can be outside without seeing him running around," the neighbor added.

  • That's not the end of it.

    "If this kind of behavior persists, I WILL CALL THE POLICE!” the neighbor wrote at the end of the letter.

  • People went rightfully nuts over this neighbor's over-the-top letter.

    "I think you need to buy your child a horn," one person wrote in the comments.

    "Let them call the police," someone else wrote. "The police could use a good laugh."

    "Call the police! Your kid is being ... a kid," a third person wrote.

  • Some people thought they were experiencing some deja vu.

    "No has to be a fake," one commenter wrote. "I’m not arguing or trying to cause grief but no... can’t even believe that. Sorry..."

    "I know I've seen this more than once," someone else commented. And some people pointed out that it looks like the letter was originally passed around in 2015. 

    But at least one person was willing to stick up for Hineman: "She didn't say it was from her neighbor come on she just said it was a real letter," the person pointed out.

    CafeMom reached out to Hineman for comment but has yet to hear back.

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