Woman Unknowingly Drops a Bomb By Telling BIL Paternity Tests Aren't 'Standard' After Birth



Oh no. It happened. You accidentally stepped in it and told someone a big secret that they didn't already know. These embarrassing moments happen to the best of us, but we bet one woman on Reddit felt pretty conflicted after she told her partner's brother something that ruined his marriage. For some reason, the brother was under the impression that babies are always given a paternity test after they're born, and he was NOT thrilled to learn that this isn't the case.

  • Right now it's a pretty tight squeeze at the original poster's (OP) house.

    As she revealed online, the OP and her boyfriend are living with his brother, sister-in-law, and their kids. By chance, both she and her almost sister-in-law got pregnant at the same time.

    "So, the house was totally wrapped up in baby preparations," the OP wrote.

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  • The OP noticed that something was off once her SIL's baby was born.

    It all started out normal enough. Her boyfriend's brother, whom she calls her brother-in-law, came back from visiting his newborn and was "aglow" with that new baby feeling.

     "Saying how much the new baby looks like him," she wrote.

    But then, he said something sort of strange. 

    "He says, 'I couldn't deny her [the baby] if I tried, even without the paternity test!'" she recalled.

    Come again?

  • The OP thought it was strange -- as far as she knew, her BIL and SIL had a good relationship.

    She figured it must have been a weird thing her BIL said off-hand -- until he kept bringing up this mysterious paternity test to the rest of their family and some friends.

    "It really started to bother me," she wrote. "Especially that everyone just took it in stride."

  • So she mustered up the courage and asked her BIL what exactly he was going on about.

    "You keep talking about a paternity test, what's that about?" she asked him.

    "The one they do when a baby gets born, at the hospital," he explained.


    "I asked what he meant, and he got frustrated and said, 'You know, the one they always do at the hospital when a baby gets born, like you guys when yours was born, so they can put it on the birth certificate,'" she recounted. 

    But ... that's not ... oh boy ...

  • The OP explained that they didn't have a paternity test when she gave birth.

    The hospital barely even confirmed that her boyfriend was the father. 

    "We filled out the birth certificate paperwork beforehand, and all they did was ask my bf if he was the dad, and he said yeah, so they marked it down," she wrote.

  • Her BIL got very quiet.

    To both of them, it seemed like some unsaid thing was clicking into place.

    The OP tried to backtrack -- "I said 'maybe it's because I have different insurance' because that's all I could think of."

  • He went into his room, and when his wife got back "they had a huge fight."

    If you thought the truth was going to be bad, then buckle up -- it was so much worse.

    "It turns out she's been cheating on him for like six years," the OP wrote.

    Now, everyone is livid at the Redditor for cluing in her BIL about the truth. But was she wrong? 

  • Most Redditors agreed: Her brother-in-law deserved to know the truth.

    "Personally, I’d rather know and be told than live in the dark," one commenter on her post wrote.

    "Yes, it sucks now, but better than finding out years down the track," a second commenter agreed. "At least this way he can also get himself tested."

    "OP, you were right to correct him about paternity tests," a third person wrote. "You didn't say 'your wife is cheating. You simply gave him the correct information on a matter of fact. It was his decision to follow up with his wife (and his wife's decision cheat and lie)."

    This seems like a clear case of the messenger taking fall for someone else's dirty actions.