Midwives Share What ‘the New Normal’ Looks Like for Strong Mamas Giving Birth Now

birthing during a pandemic
Heartscience Midwifery/Facebook

Navigating pregnancy and childbirth is challenging in and of itself. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and it's no wonder so many expectant parents are overwhelmed. A midwifery group in New York is helping local families navigate this difficult time and took to Facebook to share a moving image -- and some heartwarming observations.

  • Heartscience Midwifery shared an image of a mom giving birth at home, surrounded by her family and health care providers with masks and shields.

    The accompanying post, signed by group founders Kimm Sun and Kateryn Nuñez, begins, "This is the new normal. This pandemic threw us all into a tailspin. How to manage the continuous stream of inquiries? How to continue to give the same thorough midwifery prenatal care? How to take care of stress and mental health that has such an impact on pregnancy? How to keep ourselves safe? And how to engage in the public discourse over birth choices?"

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  • The group is "managing well so far." 

    "Our clients have been truly amazing and stepped to the moment -- we feel like we are all in this together," the midwives noted.

  • They share that they have been "organizing masks for all other midwives."

    So far, they have distributed nearly 3,000 masks and over 500 face shields to every midwife who needs them. 

  • "They say that a person is like a teabag," the post concludes. "You really don't know how strong you are until you are in hot water."

    The bottom line, based on their observations: "We can report that the human spirit is alive and well."

  • Sun is part of a movement called Masks for Midwives.

    The effort is "mobilizing to get masks to every midwife working in the frontlines in New York City, who are in urgent need of personal protective equipment during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic." The project noted on its Facebook page that all of the efforts are "volunteer, so every cent goes to the masks and other equipment for the midwives."

  • Sun and Nuñez's post serves a reminder that, even in a global crisis, life goes on. 

    And community matters. 

    Contact Masks for Midwives through its Facebook page to donate.