4-Year-Old Grabs Mom’s Phone & Orders $562 Snack Delivery While Mom Sleeps


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It seems like every day we hear a new story about panic shopping gone wrong, whether that be riots over toilet paper or people stocking up on hair dye. But we're pretty sure that one dad from the United Kingdom didn't imagine that his 4-year-old son would get into the bulk-buying spirit. Dad Gareth Davies shared on Twitter that his son somehow managed to nip his mom's cellphone and place an order for £451.27 (or $562.15) worth of snack foods and groceries, leaving people on the internet are cracking up.

  • The dad shared a screenshot April 23 of his son's online shopping spree.

    "My 4-year-old nearly caused national food shortage this morning," Davies joked on Twitter

    The heist went down while Davies' wife was sleeping. Somehow, Davies' son managed to grab his mama's cellphone and started filling her digital shopping cart at the British grocery chain Tesco, including frozen treats, fruits, two cans of deodorant, 11 packs of pine nuts, cookies, and "24 rashers (slices) of bacon," the dad shared later in the thread.

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  • In total, his son had more than $562 worth of food ready to go.

    The boy "even booked a delivery slot," the dad joked.

    Luckily, the parents intervened before the order could go through.

  • His son had a pretty good reason why he committed the crime.

    In the words of Davies' 4-year-old, "I wanted to have more food than everyone else."

    Hmmm, seems reasonable to us.

  • Davies then had to explain that they didn't quite have $500 big ones to spare on treats.

    But his son wasn't sweating it.

    "He said that was fine because he had some (money)," the dad wrote later in the thread. "And proceeded to pull 14 pence (about 17 cents) from his pocket."

    Whew, well as long as someone's footing the bill ...

  • The dad even shared his son's full grocery list.

    But we don't see any problems with it, really. I mean sure, he did order a lot of snack food, but he did try to order 184 oranges. That's a ton of vitamin C, folks.

  • Commenters could not get over his son's impressive grocery shop.

    I mean really, some people have to BEG their kids to help out with housework.

    "Impressive that he got a delivery slot!" one person commented on the thread.

    "How did he manage to book a slot?" a second commenter wrote. "Obviously need 4-year-olds to manage our online shopping."

    "Two cans of deodorant?!" one incredulous commenter wrote.

    But the dad had a theory he was working on. 

    "One for each armpit?" he guessed.

  • But some people thought his story didn't add up.

    "How did he get round the 80 item limit in a shopping basket?" one commenter wondered.

    "Nice story, but pretty impossible when Tesco deliveries are limited to a total of 80 items, and a maximum of three of each item," a second person pointed out.

    "Unlocked the phone, went to the Tesco website, added all those items searching through the site, knowing how to spell them all. Worked out delivery slot functionality and logged in using your credentials? I call [expletive]," someone else agreed.

    No matter what you believe, we think that Davies' story is a good reminder that everyone is worried about having enough food during the current health crisis -- and that moms and dads need to put stronger lock settings on their phones.

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