Loved Ones Surprise Mom-To-Be With an Epic ‘Drive-Thru’ Baby Shower

Drive-thru baby shower
Stefanie McGuffey Photo

Like so many other best-laid plans this spring, Taylor McGuffey's baby shower had to be canceled at the last minute, thanks to growing concerns over social distancing. According to her cousin by marriage, Stefanie McGuffey, Taylor's shower had been scheduled for March 21 in Oxford, Alabama. But once the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new social distancing guidelines, the family felt it was best to pull the plug. Just days later, Taylor was dealt yet another blow: She was laid off from her job at a doctor's office, and became one of the millions of Americans to suddenly be without a next paycheck. It didn't take long for friends and family to realize that this mama-to-be needed a pick-me-up. (Big time.)

Just over a week later, she got it -- in the form of a "drive-thru" baby shower in front of her home. Although it wasn't exactly the soiree that family had originally planned, it was definitely a day to remember.

  • Taylor's cousin Stefanie says family members came up with the idea March 27, and by March 29, the party was on.

    As Taylor, her husband Jordan, and their son Jase sat on their front lawn in lounge chairs, a "parade" of cars carrying friends and family slowly started driving up.

    "The shower itself was so sweet," says Stefanie, who happily snapped photos of the couple and their "guests."

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  • To comply with social distancing guidelines, friends and family decorated the back of an open SUV, so guests could walk up and drop off baby gifts.

    One by one, they drove up, waved to the smiling couple, and said their congrats. Then -- while maintaining a distance of more than 6 feet -- they placed their gifts in the back of the car, which was covered in blue party decor that announced "It's a boy!"

  • "Their first son, Jase, thought that it was a parade, and he just waved at everyone as they drove by," Stefanie tells CafeMom.

    All told, there were about 20 cars in the "parade." Before they arrived, they each met up in a church parking lot down the street from the McGuffeys, which served as a kind of staging area. Then, they lined up and drove down together.

  • The guests were almost as excited as the McGuffeys.

    "They all honked their horns, yelled, and waved as they drove by," Stefanie shares. "One person would get out of the vehicle at a time to drop their gift off, then they got back into the car and left."

  • To say it was a special day would be an understatement.

    The couple, who were told about the party shortly before it began, were overwhelmed by the love and support their friends and family showed them. And it couldn't have come to a more deserving couple, Stefanie tells CafeMom.

    "We love them so much. They are seriously the most genuine and sweet people you'll ever meet," she shares.

    Photos from the special day are spreading quickly on Facebook, after being shared by Stefanie on her photography page, Stefanie McGuffey Photo.

  • It's safe to say that people online are loving the idea -- it's even inspiring others to throw similar "parties."

    "My son and daughter-in-law are expecting and we had their baby shower planned for April 25th however looks like we have to change that," one person shared. "I have been thinking of a virtual or a drive by shower and this is something I pictured in my head for it to look like -- LOVE THE IDEA."

    Another person called it the "coolest expression of true friendship and love" ever seen. "[What a] very special way to share in the excitement during this stressful time!" the person wrote.

    A few people did wonder aloud whether it was technically still "safe," because each guest touched the gifts before leaving them in the back of the vehicle. But if you were wondering the same thing, rest assured: The McGuffeys made sure each item was disinfected before handling it.

  • Stefanie tells CafeMom that she's loved seeing the many creative ways people are "connecting" while staying apart.

    "I just love so much how people are finding out of the box ways to show love and support to their loved ones on special occasions like this, even when we're not all able to be together," she says. "It's been an incredible showing of community and what can we can overcome to support each other. I hope this carries over once we return to 'normal.'"

    Us too.