'Helpful' Grandpa Takes Toddler for Haircut Behind Mom's Back & It Gets Completely Butchered


boy getting his haircut

There are a lot of firsts that parents look forward to with their children: their kiddo's first word, first time they take a step, and that first haircut that signals they're growing up. Choosing to cut your child's hair is a personal decision, sometimes there's a huge emotional factor at play. That's what sparked an argument between a mom and a grandpa who decided to "help out" by cutting his grandson's hair without mom's permission.

  • A grandfather took to the popular Reddit forum AITA to ask if he was in the wrong for cutting his grandson's hair without the mom's permission.

    He wrote, “My daughter is super picky about hair. She pretty much refuses to try out new hairstylists unless necessary and once she finds one she likes won't see anyone else.”

    Grandpa went on to write that his 2-year-old grandson's hair was getting "pretty long and messy because he hadn't had a haircut in a while" and said his daughter didn't have the money at the time to get the boy's hair cut.

    "I asked if I could take him to get it cut, and she said only if I use his stylist," the grandpa said. "It's at this one kids place and after tip the haircuts are nearly $30. I said I didn't want to spend that much on a 2 year olds hair and that I'd take him to the place I usually go."

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  • The grandpa wrote that mom continued to refuse to let him pay take his grandson for a haircut anywhere else so he dropped it.

    But then he took matters into his own hands ...

    "A bit later, we watched him while she was sick, and she had a prescription she asked if we could grab for her," grandpa wrote. "I figured to pass the time waiting for the medicine I'd go get him a haircut. I took him to my stylist, since they only charge like $10 for kids."

  • However, the haircut didn't go as planned.

    "Well she wasn't used to cutting childrens hair," the grandpa continued. "She had a hard time cutting it with him moving around so much, and ended up just doing the best she could. It wasn't horrible, but it was fairly choppy and uneven. There was no way she was going to be able to fix it though because he kept pulling away and trying to push the scissors away."

  • Grandpa says that when he took his grandson back home, the mom was not happy at all.

    "She freaked out the second she saw him asking what the h--- we did to her child's hair. I told her I took him to get his hair cut, and she said that this is EXACTLY why she said not to in the first place, now her sons hair is all screwed up and they cut it too short to even be able to take him to get it properly fixed elsewhere without shaving it all off."

    In fact, the mom was nearly in tears about the situation.

    "I told her I was simply trying to help out because his hair was getting too long and messy, but she didn't want to hear it. Every time I saw her or talked to her after that, she would make a comment about how awful his poor hair looked and she sure hoped it hurried and grew out so she could get it cut properly."

  • Grandpa asked the Reddit community if what he did was really that bad.

    "I thought it wasn't a big deal, but she's still mad, her husband actually seemed upset about it, and my wife got mad at me too, and the hairstylist laughed at me and said 'yeah, grandpa lost his privileges to take him for haircuts with that screw up!' when they were talking about it. Am I really TA here??"

    People were pretty universal in their "yes" answers.

  • Commenters pointed out that mom had said no several times and that's adding to the issue.

    "YTA! She said no so many times, and you did it anyway," one person wrote back. "She said you could--if you did it HER way. And you went behind her back and did it! Who do you think you are, exactly? That is HER child, and she is allowed to make the rules. I would never trust you with my kid alone again. If she does, you can count yourself lucky. You don't know best, Grandpa. You need to apologize to her."

    Another person pointed out that the hairdresser was wrong too. "It isn't just that mom said no, if a hairdresser doesn't know how to handle toddlers, they can end up getting hurt, especially if they're squirmy," the user wrote.

    Another wrote, "Let's see, your daughter, wife, and son in law are all telling you're YTA. You need the internet, too? YTA! Breach of trust, dude."

    Someone else chimed in with another perspective, saying they were the kid in a situation like this. "My grandmother used to do this, over and over. I hated it and when my mom came to pick me up it was WWIII. Sooo stressful. And for what?"

    So the internet has spoken. It's not a good move to get a kid a haircut without explicit permission from the parent. Oh, and vet the hairdresser too.