Pregnant Mom Says MIL is Furious They Aren’t Coming Over for Easter This Year


Easter egg hunt

The global public health crisis has caused so many of us to cancel important plans -- from weddings to baby showers and moving days. Easter plans will also have to change, as many people are obeying stay-at-home orders -- but not everyone, apparently. In fact, one Redditor's mother-in-law doesn't get get it and is demanding that she pack up her brood and pay her a visit during the upcoming holiday. The original poster (OP) took to r/JUSTNOMIL to explain that, if she refuses, her MIL will "either cry or act like a huge B."

  • Part of the problem is that her mother-in-law makes "a huge deal about holidays."

    We all know the grandma who fully decks out her house as the North Pole for Christmas or tries to wrangle the whole family together for sparklers and hot dogs on the Fourth of July. Well, that's this OP's MIL.

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  • Usually her mother-in-law has a huge Easter dinner.

    But this year, social-distancing recommendations have changed everything. 

  • To the mom, traveling to visit her MIL is just too big of a risk.

    She and her husband already have a young child, and she's in her second trimester of pregnancy.

    "I just don't want to get this virus," she wrote.

  • Her husband tried to tell his mom that they weren't coming.

    But his mom made a "huge deal" about it, and her husband ended up promising that the couple would "think about it."

  • Of course, the Reddit Mom was not going to "think about it." Not one bit.

    She wasn't willing to "just stop by" as her husband suggested. 

    "I'm so sick of this [expletive]." she wrote. "I've tried to make this lady happy for 10 years."

  • She already laid down the law with her own parents: No Easter celebrations this year, thank you very much.

    Her parents were totally fine with that decision.

    "They were completely understanding like normal humans!" she wrote.

  • It's just her MIL that's posing a problem.

    In fact, the Redditor is worried how her MIL will take the news. 

    Is this going to make her life so much worse?

  • People in the comments section thought her husband should be the one to handle his mama.

    "His monkey, his circus," one commenter wrote

    "Tell him 'we agreed as a couple to not do Easter with either side of the family,'" the commenter continued. "'I held up my side and told my family no. Now it's your turn. If you want to break my trust and go over there you will be going by yourself. Then, you will quarantine yourself in a hotel for a minimum of 14 days before I'll let you back in this house. We made this decision to keep our family safe. I will NOT let you put us at risk just because a party and looking good to the neighbors means more to your mother than our lives."

    As another commenter noted, "And by the way, it’s not your responsibility to make her happy."

  • The facts don't lie. Staying home is the best for all of us.

    Her mother-in-law might not want to believe it, but her daughter-in-law is right -- it's not the year for Easter dinners. All but nine states have issued orders for residents to stay home unless they have to conduct essential business. Last time we checked, Easter -- both for services or family gatherings -- is not essential.

    It's unclear where the Redditor and her MIL live, but there is a reason why so many states have hopped onboard. Staying at home is the best chance for all of us to flatten the curve and stop the virus from spreading. And hey, they can always have a virtual celebration on FaceTime.