Dad Learns Girl's Dance Routine After Her Big Recital Was Postponed & He Nails It

Tyler Kroenke
Nebraska State Patrol/Facebook

A Nebraska state trooper from Lincoln named Lt. Tyler Kroenke wanted to go the extra mile for his 6-year-old daughter Miela after her dance recital was postponed in favor of social distancing. So, he did the only thing a dad could do in that situation: Bust a move. 

Kroenke adorably learned all of the choreography to his daughter's routine and filmed a video of the two of them breaking it down, which the internet has gone nuts over.

  • The 31-year-old dad knew he wanted to make it up to Miela after her big dance recital was pushed back.

    Speaking with TODAY, the dad said it was "the least" he could do for his kindergartner.

    “Dance is her favorite thing in the world," he explained.

    Plus, her dance studio had challenged students to teach their parents their moves as a form of practice. But Kroenke was up for the challenge.

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  • The two practiced every night in the basement to get the moves just right.

    Miela didn't go easy on her dad, even though he was a newbie.

    “Miela is a perfectionist and got on me quite a bit,” Kroenke joked.

  • But to be fair, the two had plans to tape their big performance -- so Dad needed to be on point.

    Dancing to Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero," the two twirled, hit the floor, and spun in a video that Kroenke posted on the Nebraska State Patrol Facebook page. Miela is in a Wonder Woman costume (tutu included), and her dad naturally matched in a cape and mask.

  • The video has been shared over 7,000 times.

    Kroenke admitted to TODAY that his moves weren't quite as smooth as his daughter's.

    "The blooper reel is probably better than the actual video!” he said.

  • Sure, Kroenke might not have a career in dance ahead of him.

    But he might be in the running for number one dad in town.

    "When life gives you global pandemic lemons," the caption of the video read, "the lemonade you make has to be fabulous!"

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