Dad Goes Ballistic Because Mom Buys Their 2-Year-Old Boy Pink Frozen Cup for Easter

Megan Hemphill/Flickr

More and more, parents are moving toward gender neutrality and away from antiquated labels and stereotypes, which makes perfect sense. Why determine which toys and colors, movies or games your child should enjoy based exclusively on their sex? Yet, on the other side of the spectrum, some parents are digging their heels in on old-school ideas. That seems to be the case for one dad, as his frustrated wife explained he didn't approve of something she bought for their toddler.

  • The original poster (OP) shared that her son is 2, and, like many kids, he loves 'Frozen.'

    "We watch it multiple times a week, and Olaf is his favorite character," the OP shared. "I found a sippy cup with Olaf on it and got it for him to put in his Easter basket this year. It is pink and glittery."

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  • Although that sounds like the kind of Easter basket gift any kid would adore, it seems the OP's husband was taken aback by it. 

    "When I brought the cup home, my husband was confused and asked who the cup was for," she wrote. "When I told him it was for my son, he flipped out. He couldn’t believe I would buy him a pink cup."

  • The OP defended her purchase by saying she thought it was cute.

    What's more, their son loves Frozen and the cup had Olaf on it.

  • But the woman's husband is "now convinced" that his wife is trying to influence their son's sexuality. 

    "My husband is now convinced I am intentionally turning our son gay," the OP shared. "Apparently I also push him to wear 'different' clothes (colors), and he doesn’t like that I got him a pair of tap shoes (which my son loves)."

  • The husband's assertion left Redditors feeling understandably incensed.

    Nearly 600 people commented on the post, and most were supportive of the OP.  

  • Several explained that their kids' tastes defy gender norms.

    One Redditor shared, "My son (7 turning 8 next month) LOVES all things rainbow colored and shiny. I would rather have a healthy balanced and compassionate kid than a child who gets brow-beaten into their choices based on whether what's between their legs dangles or not. And guess what? If you're son does turn out gay (which has NOTHING TO DO WITH A D--N CUP), I'm sure he'd appreciate having a family that accepted him and loves him regardless."

    Another agreed that kids are into all kinds of things. "My 3-year-old loves pink and pigtails, because his best friends at kindergarten are girls so he wants to be awesome like them! He also is obsessed with cars and has about 400 Hot Wheels." 

  • Others pointed out that a love of 'Frozen' is pretty much par for the course for all kids.

    One Redditor shared, "I teach kindergarten. I have at least six kids who all have Paw Patrol water bottles, girls and boys. My whole class will belt out 'Into The Unknown' like this is their freaking Broadway debut -- ESPECIALLY some of my boys. This is absurd AF."

  • Some commenters were concerned about the long-term effects of the dad's behavior.

    As one Redditor noted, "Your husband’s masculinity is quite fragile, probably due to how he was raised. He’s offended over a color and believes that 'unmanly' things automatically equates to being gay = yikes. I worry for your son, and hope that your parenting will be enough to allow him to grow up to like whatever he likes, without having to worry about it being 'gay' or 'girly.' So many young boys are pressured and punished for not following society’s ideas of what it means to be a boy, and then they grow up to repeat the cycle."

    Fingers crossed responses like these serve to reassure the OP that she's in the right. The job of all parents is to support their children in growing up to be whoever they are -- and to drink out of whatever d--n color cup they please.