Mom Shares Smart Trick To Keep Kids From Eating Snacks All Darn Day While Home From School

Jennifer Hallstrom

Jennifer Hallstrom's baskets and kids
Jennifer Hallstrom

As families all over the world practice social distancing -- or in some cases, adhere to shelter in place orders -- to do their part to fight the coronavirus pandemic, it's becoming clear there's one thing that some parents might need even more than toilet paper: an abundance of snacks. 

If your child has plowed through the reserve boxes of Goldfish and every last clementine in a matter of hours versus days and there's no way you're heading back to Costco for a replenishment already, you're not alone. Thankfully, an Indiana mom named Jennifer Hallstrom was in the same boat and came up with a smart solution. 

  • In a Facebook post shared Tuesday, Hallstrom said she kept seeing parents lament that their kids want to eat all day while they're home.

    The mom of an 11-, 7-, and 2-year-old then presented her fix: "Each child has their own colored basket. In the morning, I put their snacks in it for the day, when those snacks are gone they don’t get any more. It makes them stop and think do I really need a snack? I also put their cup for the day in there because I’m not washing 50 cups a day! Hahaha!"


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  • Parents applauded the mom of three for her innovative idea.

    In fact, the post quickly went viral, racking up 312K shares and over 201K reactions. 

    As with any viral post, there were a smattering of negative remarks, to which Hallstrom replied in an edit to her original post, "I didn’t think I had to say this, but my children eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are well-fed, and I don’t starve them. Sad I even have to say that. Also, in no way, shape, or form am I fat shaming my children." 

  • Hallstrom tells CafeMom that she was inspired to come up with this system as soon as constant snacking became an issue.

    Jennifer Hallstrom kids
    Jennifer Hallstrom

    She also got nervous hearing from other parents on social media. "I just kept seeing, 'well, there went our quarantine snacks,' and I knew I’d be next if I didn’t do something!'" she explains.

  • In an edit to her original post, the mom explains that laying out tons of cash on backup snacks wasn't an option.

    "I just don’t have the luxury of spending $400 on just snacks for a week," Hallstrom wrote.

  • She attributes her kids' cravings to "just being home." 

    Jennifer Hallstrom
    Jennifer Hallstrom

    But there are other factors, too. "Boredom and self-control both play into it with my children," Hallstrom acknowledges. 

  • With the new system, the Hallstrom kids are sure to be more thoughtful about their snacking.

    Jennifer Hallstrom
    Jennifer Hallstorm

    That said, one thing's sure to remain the same: the types of treats the kids prefer. Hallstrom shares, "I never buy fruit snacks, but they begged me to. Those always go first. Then, the fruit!"