Sisters Due Just Weeks Apart Give Birth on the Same Day at the Very Same Hospital

Anthony sisters
Community Hospital East/Facebook

As sisters growing up in Indianapolis, Charell and Cierra Anthony were always pretty close. But now, they're bonded in more ways than one, and so are their new babies. That's because in an odd twist of fate, Charell and Cierra just so happened to give birth this month on the very same day in the very same hospital: Community Hospital East.

  • The rare yet happy coincidence certainly shocked the sisters, who already found it uncanny they were due just weeks apart.

    But when Charell Anthony, 26, suddenly went into labor early on February 12, the sisters' timelines suddenly collided. 

    Charell had been at the library when her water broke, and soon after, at 12:40 a.m., she welcomed her son Terry Valentino into the world. He wasn't due to arrive until February 20, but nevertheless, he was healthy and happy, weighing 6 lbs., 2 oz.

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  • It wasn't until Cierra, 28, came to meet baby Terry that she shared her own happy news: Her doctor was planning to induce her that day.

    And so, at 6:29 p.m. February 12 -- less than 24 hours after her cousin came into the world -- baby Dream arrived, weighing 7 lbs., 4 oz. She was a whole week late, according to her due date, but some might say she was right on time.

  • According to 'Good Morning America,' the two sisters recuperated in hospital rooms right next door from one another.

    That definitely made things easier on their relatives, who were doubly excited to meet the newest additions to their family. 

    By the sound of things, little Dream and Terry are definitely joining a large, but tight-knit crew. GMA reported that Cierra and Charell have seven other siblings, who all shuttled from each hospital room to the other in a "chaotic and funny scene."

    "They were so excited," Cierra said. "Nobody could believe it."

  • Believe it or not, though, this isn't the first birthday coincidence in the Anthony clan.

    According to Cierra, she actually shares a January 14 birthdate herself with one of her younger sisters. (Talk about a family full of coincidences!)

    Needless to say, these new cousins will be closer than close -- just like their other siblings. (Together, Charell and Cierra now have a total of six kids.)

    "We pretty much do raise all our kids as siblings," said Charell. "We’re really close."

  • In fact, things were so chaotic, the sisters didn't even settle on baby names until several days later.

    "It was complicated because everyone was going room to room discussing what names they wanted," Charell told GMA. "For days, we couldn’t agree."

    Making matters even more tricky was the fact that the sisters wanted to give their kids names that each began with the letter "J," but unfortunately, their respective husbands nixed that idea.

    Eventually, they each settled on a name -- together.

    "Our last few hours [in the hospital], no one was there with us so we named the kids then," Charell shared.