New Mom & Dad Both Fall Asleep During Newborn Photos & the Outtakes Are Everything

Amanda Walker/Simply Joyful Moments

parents fall asleep newborn photoshoot
Amanda Walker/Simply Joyful Moments

There's an image of parenthood we all carry around in our minds (you know, the picture-perfect stuff we'd put on the 'gram), and then there's the reality ... which looks decidedly less picture-perfect. Because for all the amazing and incredible things that come with bringing a new life into the world, it sure is exhausting, no matter how you slice it. That's probably why a recent newborn photo shoot has gone so viral this week -- not for the adorable snapshots of the new baby, but for a behind-the-scenes photo of his two parents, Cindhi and Ross Davis, who were caught catching up on some much-needed sleep in between takes.

  • Newborn photographer Sarah Jankowski tells CafeMom that it was her assistant, Amanda Walker, who captured the magical moment.

    Most parents typically "sit back and relax" when they come in for a newborn photo shoot, said Jankowski, who owns and operates Simply Joyful Moments in Georgia. But when the Davises brought their newborn Theodore into her studio January 10, they took those words a little too seriously.

    "Sometimes dads will nod off during a session but usually not both of them," she told us.

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  • To be fair, she did tell them to take it easy while she did her thing.

    Sarah says that at the shoot, Cindhi and Ross told her they had barely slept since Theo was born on December 24, and that (just like most newborns) he was "keeping them awake a lot" at night.  

    Still, the parents both managed to stay awake during Theo's first setup.

  • But as Jankowski switched over to her second setup, the new parents slowly started to drift off ... 

    "I keep my studio nice and warm for the babies," she explained, "and there is dim lighting and white noise so it is a very calm and relaxing space." 

    (Honestly, that does sound like the perfect sleep situation!)

    "I started getting the baby ready for the next setup and poses, and my assistant motioned for me to turn around," Jankowski continued. "I did and saw the sweetest thing: these two exhausted parents, curled up in each other's arms, completely asleep."

    As a mom of four and an experienced newborn photographer, Jankowski certainly knows a thing or two about being sleep-deprived with new babies at home.

    "My assistant Amanda [Walker] also has four kids," she added, "so we both understood that new parent sleep deprivation!"

  • Walker snapped some quick photos to show the two parents later, before letting the two parents carry on with their nap.

    "You could tell they really needed a nap," Walker joked.

    Forty-five minutes later, Cindhi and Ross finally woke up from their catnap -- and apparently, they hadn't even realized they fell asleep in the first place!

    "It really was the most adorable thing!" Jankowski recalled.
  • Jankowski's photos are taking off online, where people can't seem to get over the hilariously cute shots.

    Jankowski said that so far, reactions to the candid photo have been "so sweet," mostly because of how relatable it is.

    "So many parents understand the feeling of utter exhaustion and sleep deprivation that comes with having a newborn, so we all can empathize," she said, explaining why she thinks the photos have become such a hit on Facebook.

    "I had no idea the image would be so popular and go viral. I just wanted to share this sweet behind the scenes moment on my social media," she continued. 

  • As for Theo's parents, Cindhi and Ross? They got a real kick out of the photos too.

    They also can't believe just how viral the pics have gone since first being shared.

    "The parents are in awe also, but very happy and excited that their baby already has an amazing story for his baby book," Jankowski said.

    (And probably a great snap for his birth announcements!)

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