Build-A-Bear’s New Girl Scout Collection Is Here & Actually Smells Like Cookies

GIrl Scouts Build-A-Bear

Girl Scout cookie season is, without a doubt, one of the best times of the year. (What can we say? We're suckers for a good box of Thin Mints.) That is why our minds were kind of blown when we learned that Build-A-Bear is releasing a special collection in collaboration with the Girl Scouts of America -- and that's not even the best part. The bears actually smell like the cookies! (WHAT.)

  • The bears are already available for purchase online, but won't hit stores until Friday.

    Luckily, that's not too long to wait.

    According to the Build-A-Bear website, the new bears come in two styles: Thin Mint Cookie Bear and Girl Scouts Coconut Caramel Cookie Bear, which both retail for just $22.

    Coconut Caramel Cookie Bear has a swirly coconut caramel coat and a fun doodle print on its ears and one paw. It also comes with a Girl Scout paw pad so you'll always know that you got a bear from this extra special collection.

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  • But cuteness aside, the whole cookie scented part is definitely the major selling point here.

    As an additional feature, you can purchase small scented disks to add to your bears, which will make them smell like the delicious cookies they're named after. And for just an extra $4, we think that's WELL worth the money.

  • That's not all the customizing you can do. After all, what fun would a Girl Scout Bear be without a matching uniform?

    Yep, that's right -- you can even outfit your Build-A-Bears in their very own Brownie vest (complete with patches!) or Daisy uniform tunic. (Both of which retail for $10.) Other adorable accessory options include Thin Mints cookie wrist accessories ($4, Build-A-Bear) and a Coconut Caramel box wrist accessory ($4, Build-A-Bear).

  • And when your kiddo's bear is ready for bedtime? We've got two words: cookie. jammies.

    For just $13.50. your child's bear can snuggle up with them in their own pair of Girl Scout-inspired pajamas. There's also is this trés hip two-piece skirt outfit, ($13.50) for when you want to take your bear out on the town. (Seriously -- the options are nearly endless.)

  • Trust us: This is a run, don't walk, situation.

    We already know these are going to be a huge hit!