Parents Arrested in ‘Kidnapping’ of Hours-Old Newborn in Critical Condition from Hospital

Shaun Levy and Brittany Parrie
12 News

A Louisiana couple has been taken into custody after police say the parents kidnapped their own newborn from a local hospital. It's still unclear why 28-year-old Brittany Parrie and 39-year-old Shaun Levy abruptly left Sabine Medical Center with the baby girl last week, but what is known is that the baby had been born just hours earlier and was listed in critical condition.

  • The infant was reportedly born at 1 a.m. Saturday -- and by 4 a.m., the baby girl was gone.

    The baby was born with a life-threatening condition, and she was set to be transported to a hospital in Shreveport for medical intervention, according to a police statement provided to News 12

    But around 3:55 a.m., police note, Levy and Parrie took the newborn and placed her in a black 2002 Cadillac Escalade. Both Parrie and her baby still had medical IVs in their arms when they fled.

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  • After the couple left, Louisiana State Police issued a Level II Endangered/Missing Child Advisory.

    At the time, police warned that "Levy is to be considered armed and dangerous." 

    "The Cadillac may be displaying a Texas license plate or a personalized Alpha Phi Alpha Alabama license plate," the press release noted. "Levy recently registered the vehicle in Alabama on January 7, 2020, so it is possible the Texas plate is still displayed on the vehicle."

  • Police later discovered that the parents had driven 400 miles from Louisiana to Monroeville, Alabama.  

    The Daily Mail reported that authorities were able to track the couple down within 48 hours and arrested them on charges that are still pending.

    Baby Levy was also found and, according to authorities, is safe. She was taken by ambulance to Monroe County, where she was listed in stable condition at an undisclosed medical facility.