'Grumpy' Baby Tells Us How She Really Feels in Hysterical Newborn Photo Shoot

Baby Luna looks angry
Justine Tuhy Photography

When Justine Tuhy booked a session with a beautiful, 2-week-old newborn named Luna last month, the Ohio-based photographer was given a heads-up by the baby's parents: Luna might make a face. In fact, Luna had been making a particularly grumpy face since the day she was born, her parents said, and they were pretty positive it would make an appearance during her first photo session. Tuhy, who specializes in newborn, family, and wedding photography, was definitely up for the challenge -- but no one expected just how hilarious the photos would turn out.

  • At first, the session went just as expected -- with Luna snoozing away while tightly swaddled.

    But halfway through, she opened her eyes ... and that trademark grumpy face was back in FULL. FORCE.

    "She slept for the first setup we did, but was wide awake with her amazing expressions the rest of the time," Tuhy tells CafeMom. "Most newborns sleep through much of their session, but Miss Luna was too interested in what I was doing and wouldn’t take her eyes off me!"

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  • The results were ... well, pretty hilarious.

    Tuhy shared the photos on her Facebook page December 3, where they quickly went viral. To date, the post has over 44K shares and thousands of comments.

    Many of them come from other parents who've shared that they, too, have a grumpy-faced baby. 

    "I love it!" wrote one woman. "My middle child is my grumpy child! He was flipping me off and mean mugging moments after he was born!"

    "I somehow knew my daughter had been here, done this before," another mom shared. "She looked at everything and everyone with this face from birth."

  • Tuhy says she got a kick out of being able to capture Luna's "real personality" in her newborn photos.

    (And apparently, her "real" personality is one that's not to be messed with!)

    As the owner of Justine Tuhy Photography for the last eight years, Tuhy says she's done her fair share of newborn photo shoots. But none of them have made her laugh quite like this one.

    "This was most definitely one of the funnier newborn sessions I had to opportunity to photograph," she tells CafeMom. "But Luna gets all the credit for the work she did with her incredible facial expressions."

  • In fact, Tuhy was so amused by the session, it was sometimes hard to keep a straight face.

    "I couldn't stop giggling over her unique ways that she expressed herself at such a young age," she says. "I can't wait to see her expressions as she grows."

    Honestly, we can't either. Because if she's already got a take-no-BS attitude at just 2 weeks old, she's bound to be one feisty toddler!