Mom Gives Birth 'Lightning Fast' in Hospital Hallway Right Outside Her Room


Evira Greene

Not many new moms are lucky enough to have a quick and easy labor, but perhaps no one has had one as speedy as Elvira Greene. The new mom from Wimbledon, London, not only gave birth 90 minutes into her labor but also delivered her baby while in sitting in a wheelchair next to a vending machine in a hospital hallway! The birth happened back on March 13, 2017, but video of Greene's lightning-fast delivery was recently shared online, where it shows just how quickly life can change (for the better).

  • Greene and her husband, Eric Boakye-Ansah, had rushed across London to get to the hospital in time.


    According to SWNS, Boakye-Ansah had put his wife into a wheelchair as soon as they made it to St. George’s Hospital in London on the day she delivered. It was the couple's third child, and Greene had started to feel contractions at 11:45 that night. But before they could even be seen by a doctor, Greene was ready to have her baby. 

    Around midnight, Greene called her mother Jacqueline, asking for a ride to the hospital. The grandma arrived in just 20 minutes flat and rushed Greene and her husband through London in her car, managing to get to the hospital safely by 1 a.m. 

    From there, it was a mad dash to find a wheelchair for Greene and a panicked scramble to figure out how to get to the maternity ward. Finally, about 1:30 a.m., the family made it to the correct part of the building. Before she could make it inside the entrance of the maternity ward, Greene said she knew that her baby -- who would later be named Comfort -- was coming.

    “My room was right along the corridor and my husband was pushing me,'" she recalled. “I just shouted ‘My baby is coming’ and I couldn’t help it. She chose her time to come and it had to happen. It’s just crazy."

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  • Greene's aunt, Patricia Brown-Greene, is a midwife who worked at the hospital, and she met the couple just in time.

    Elvira Greene

    Browne-Greene rushed out to help her niece and caught Comfort just as the baby's head was starting to crown.

     "I didn’t even think about where I was. I just knew my aunty was there and would make sure she is okay," Greene later said.

    Because things happened so quickly, Greene gave birth before any pain meds could even be administered. 

    “When I realized she had been born, I thought, 'Oh my god,'" Greene recalled. "It was just so crazy."

  • Video of the amazing delivery, which was captured by Green's mother, shows Browne-Greene handing Comfort over to her mother for the very first time.

    As the clip continues, the shell-shocked family finally makes it in to the maternity ward where they are welcomed by staff.

    “I don’t know what I’d have done if my aunty wasn’t there," Greene admitted. "I have never experienced anything like that."

    Once inside the maternity ward, both mom and baby were examined by medical staff. Comfort weighed in at a healthy 7 lbs., 4 oz.

    “Luckily there were no complications and we went home the same day," Greene shared. “Comfort was healthy and we were really happy. It was really nice to be back at home with the family.”

  • Although Comfort's birth was certainly one-of-a-kind, Greene admitted that this wasn't the first time she's had a lightning-fast delivery.

    Elvira Greene

    Comfort's older brother Heaven-Anthony, 4, was born on the family's living room floor while Greene was home alone. The mom admitted that having a "scary" solo birth with Heaven-Anthony was actually helpful when she gave birth to Comfort, because she had some experience with labor progressing quickly. (Greene also has another son, Hosea, who is 8 years old -- though by all accounts, his birth was relatively typical.)

    Now that video of Greene's delivery has been making the rounds online, the mom says she's happy she has something to show her daughter when she's older, even if it is all pretty "crazy."

    “It’s something for us both to look back on in later years and to talk about," she explained of the footage, which her mother captured. “Maybe we will have a joke about it."

    Still, as "crazy" as it was, Comfort's birth will always be magical to Greene, who calls it "an out of this world experience."

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