Plane Crashes During Yet Another Gender Reveal Stunt Gone Tragically Wrong

gender reveal plane crashes

A plane crash in September has recently been revealed to be the result of a gender reveal gone terribly wrong, according to a report by the National Transportation Safety Board. The accident, which involved a single-engine Air Tractor AT 602 in Turkey, Texas, resulted in one injury and no deaths. But nevertheless, it's the latest story in a recent string of gender reveals that have turned dangerous -- and in some cases, deadly.

  • The crash happened on September 7, when a pilot was commissioned to dump color-treated water to reveal whether a couple was having a boy or a girl.

    KXAN reports that the plane had dumped 350 gallons of pink water on the ground below and was making a low pass. While it was low to the ground, the plane stalled. A preliminary crash report stated that there were two people aboard the single seat airplane at the time.

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  • On the day of the reveal, the plane -- which is typically used as a crop duster -- reportedly stalled and then crashed, landing upside down.

    "The airplane sustained substantial damage to the fuselage, right wing, and empennage," the report continued. 

    The pilot, who has since been identified as 49-year-old Raj L. Horan, also noted in a phone interview with a FAA inspector, that before the stunt, the plane had no mechanical problems.

    Horan wasn't hurt in the crash, but the passenger in the plane sustained minor injuries.

  • News of the crash follows two other tragic gender reveals that have gone wrong within the past month.

    At the end of October, a 56-year-old grandmother in Iowa, Pamela Kreimeyer, died after a homemade gender reveal explosive detonated and a piece of shrapnel struck her in the head. Authorities later said she died on impact.

    Less than 24 hours later, a second gender reveal device exploded, also in Iowa. While the second explosion didn't result in any injuries -- and was unrelated to the first -- it was reported that aftershocks from could be felt up to 2 miles away.

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