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  • Most of all, Tiffany hopes her photos will inspire others to get creative, and she is grateful for the quality time she got to spend with her family.

    "Although it is a 'dead' shoot, it was very much alive!" she explains. "[There were] rides on country roads, lots of laughs and giggles, Halloween music, lots of snacking on my props, adventures in the woods discovering wildlife. ... All of us together."

    In other words: "Whatever you choose to do with your children, do something with them!" the mom tells CafeMom. "Children need our time, they need us, they need laughs, giggles, hugs, and adventure! That is what they will remember! They aren’t going to remember eating cake and berries off of some fake intestines until the photos are shared at her wedding."

    When asked about her easy-breezy parenting-style, Tiffany says she's happy to follow her own path.

    "I am a mom to my three babies, not your classic mom," she says. "I’m the mom who lets them go barefoot and make messes, but I am also the mom that makes sure they are safe in the world, are loved and feel loved, and are respectful and loving to all people. The rest will follow."