Thrilled Mom Announces She's Pregnant With Her 22nd Baby After Dad Reverses Vasectomy

The Radford Family
The Radford Family/Facebook

If you thought the Duggar clan had a lot of kids, allow me to introduce you to the Radfords of Lancashire, England. Sue, 44, and her husband Noel, 48, have been quite busy for the last few decades -- not just running their popular bakery business, Radford's Pie Company, but also raising their brood of 21 children, who range in age from 30 all the way down to 1. And now, the Daily Mail reports that the Radfords are once again expecting and are due to welcome their 22nd child into the world next year.

  • The couple announced the happy news on their YouTube channel Sunday, where they have over 94K subscribers.

    The family regularly vlogs about life with their incredibly large brood, and in an October 20 post, they took fans with them on an ultrasound appointment to confirm the news that Sue is, in fact, expecting again.

    In the clip, Sue excitedly shares that she is 12 weeks pregnant and is about to head into her doctor "to see our new little baby!"

    As her husband giddily assures viewers that "there's only one" baby on the way, Sue laughs and confirms, "I don't do twins."

    (She does have to draw the line somewhere!)

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  • According to the Daily Mail, the Radfords had previously declared that they were "done" having more kids in 2018, when they welcomed their 21st child. It turns out, however, they just can't quit. (And perhaps that's no big surprise to those who know them -- Noel reportedly had a vasectomy after kid No. 9 but reversed it.)

    Today, their clan includes Chris, 30; Sophie, 25; Chloe, 23; Jack, 22; Daniel, 20; Luke, 18 Millie, 17; Katie, 16; James, 15; Ellie, 14; Aimee, 13; Josh, 12; Max, 11; Tillie, 9; Oscar, 7; Casper, 6; Hallie, 3; Phoebe, 2; and Archie, 18 months.

    Most of the kids are said to live at home, with the exception of Chris and Sophie, who already has three kids of her own.

  • As you might imagine, life with 19 kids living at home can get pretty pricey (not to mention chaotic).

    The Daily Mail reports that the Radfords spend about £350 (or $453.70) on food every week, and spend a total of three hours cleaning up every night just to keep their house "in check." (Seriously -- can you imagine the amount of Legos littering the floor and Goldfish crackers smushed into the couch if you didn't constantly clean the place?)

    And if they want to have dinner out as a family, that can get pretty steep, too. The Radfords pay a minimum of £150 (or $194.47) if they want to merely head out to a restaurant to catch a bite, instead of making one at home. 

    If your head is spinning just imagining how much laundry 19 children (plus two adults) can accumulate in any given week, it ain't for the faint of heart. The Radfords say that laundry duty pretty much never ends, with 18kg (or 39.6 pounds) of clothes requiring washing every week.


  • When it comes to vacations, those costs are staggering too. But even more daunting is the mere task of packing.

    The Radfords say a typical trip away requires about seven suitcases, easy. And Sue describes the packing process as a kind of "military operation" in which she sections the children's clothes into "bin bags" to keep things in order.

    Yet remarkably, the family only relies on about £170 (or $220) in public child benefits each week, thanks to the family's profitably bakery. Otherwise, they do their best to find discounts where they can and stay organized, plan ahead, and pack lunches more often than not.

  • The Radfords' 22nd babe is due in April, and by all accounts he or she will be welcomed with open arms. 

    Although they don't yet know the baby's gender (they're still a few weeks away from that scan), Sue did admit that she has a slight prediction.

    "I wonder if it will be 11 of each," she said in the video. "I am feeling a bit boy."

    But either way, the Radfords just hope this baby is healthy, just as all their others were. 

    Sue shared that she's "very excited" about the whole thing, and even feels like the pregnancy is whipping by quickly. "I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going already," she said. (Though I'm willing to bet that when it's your 22nd time around the block, you can basically do this pregnancy thing in your sleep.)

    One thing's for sure: They'll definitely have a lot of available babysitters on call, whenever they need a break.